Welcome to the Rated Forum!

Welcome to the Rated Forum! This space is dedicated to proposing and discussing Rated methodologies relating to Ethereum’s infrastructure set, in an easy to index and reference way.


The Rated community is composed of researchers, validator operators, solo-stakers, ecosystem partners and downstream integrators of Rated data.

Through the forum, we hope to offer a platform for productive discussion around (i) the methodologies that power the existing stack of Rated, (ii) new methodologies that emerge to capture important changes in the base layer of Ethereum, and (iii) changes to existing methodologies, to better reflect the state of the world following important Beacon Chain upgrades.

Useful resources

:globe_with_meridians: Website: rated.network
:blue_book: Documentation: rated.gitbook.io
:open_hands: Discord: discord.com/invite/GCUfk8ryJS
:minidisc: Github: github.com/rated-network
:bird: Twitter: twitter.com/ratedw3b
:mirror: Mirror: mirror.xyz/ratedw3b.eth